Maxelle Goal Keeper Gloves

This will be a very basic introduction to the goalkeeper glove cuts on the market today. For those that are new to the position and purchasing gloves, it can be very confusing. There are many combinations of the main cuts, so we will focus on the top 3.

1. Flat Palm

The Flat Palm is probably the most popular. It is pretty much the original cut. The palm is typically a single piece of latex connected to the backhand with gussets. With flat palms, the gusset is on the outside of the glove vs the inside of a negative cut (more on that below). This forms what essentially looks like a box (alternative name box cut). This cut typically is a bit loser around the fingers than the same size and model of a negative or roll cut. While still probably the most sold cut, the roll finger is quickly catching up. Many new keepers to the sport will start with a flat palm glove.

2. Roll Finger

The Roll Finger cut is quickly becoming the number one with keepers. Unlike the Flat or Negative cut, there are no gussets on the roll finger. The palm is connected directly to the backhand. The latex wraps (rolls) around the finger to meet with the backhand creating more latex surface area. This cut provides a more snug fit than the flat, thus better feel.

3. Negative Cut

Like the Flat Palm the negative cut also connects the palm to the backhand via gussets. Unlike the flat palm the neg cut’s gussets are on the inside of the glove. This provides the snuggest fit of all. With the snug fit, feel is increased. The tight fits helps to reduce finger twist which keeps the latex on the ball. This glove may work better for those goalkeepers with slim hands.

There are variations of these 3 basic cuts:

4. Surround Cut

This cut has a wrapped latex around the small finger side of the glove that connects to the back hand. Allowing for less stitching and creating a more comfortable fit. This can be used with any combination of the 3 main cuts.

5. Rolled Index

The index finger is rolled while the other three fingers are flat palm cut.
We produces several gloves with little finger and index finger rolled while the middle to fingers are either neg or flat cut. We also produces a semi-roll with a neg cut thumb.

6. Bowl/Pre-curved palm

Flat palms and roll fingers may also be partnered with a bowl/pre-curved palm. As the name implies, these are curved to fit the hand.

7. The wrapped thumb

Is another option on many models and is exactly as the name suggests.