About Us

The people behind Maxelle Sports

Maxelle Sports was the idea of David and Tracy Farrar. David became involved in grass roots football when his son started playing mini soccer at the age of 5 for a local club and David took on the managerial role.

David became qualified as a junior manager at level 1 and continued to coach his son’s team up to U21.

Over a period of 16 years David has been part of grass roots football, becoming passionately involved with his local football club Hayden Youth Association in Wilmington, Kent for over 12 years now.

David is currently fixtures and fund raising secretary for the club and has worked hard to develop the club to Chartered Standard status.

Tracy has also shared an active part in watching and helping the club develop, always on hand and actively assisting at 10 annual tournaments and the catering department at the home ground on match days.

Both David and Tracy continue to be part of the Hayden Youth Association even though their son no longer plays for the club. They both see the enormous benefits that football and sports clubs provide to local communities, which include excellent facilities for children to learn sport in a safe and fun environment, along with the social aspect for parents to meet others within the community.

Maxelle Sports Ltd are proud to part of Grass roots football and Hayden Youth Association.

Why did we create Maxelle Sports?

The reason is simple; to provide quality and value for money products aimed at local and national football clubs in the UK and eventually beyond.

Over the years we have used most of the leading manufacturers products and, like most junior football clubs, have spent large amounts of money on equipment only to lose several of our footballs each season, the main reason for this being that all the teams have identical footballs with no distinguishing marks.

With this in mind we decided to search for a reputable manufacturer that could supply high quality products at competitive prices and print the logo of each club on the balls/items, all included within a cost effective price.
We are proud to say that this is exactly what we have achieved.

Our vision for Maxelle Sports

Our vision is to consistently provide our customers with quality products that are good value for money and unique. It is important to us that we become a part of each local community sports club.

Purchasing products from Maxelle Sports will allow us to provide additional equipment to your local community sports clubs via sponsorship and competitions. Your club logo will be included free of charge and special offers and deals will be available to you periodically.

We are part of our local community grass roots football club, let us be part of your club and help you to develop and grow.